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Maroccan house

MARRAKESH – Stillness and muse

Crowds of tourists were passing through riad but I anyway managed to cupture it in stillness and muse. Beauty enchanted in clay that cheered up the living of women for whom such house was often the whole world. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Stillness and muse”

MARRAKESH – Ceilings from paradise

I started to feel the pain in my neck from looking at the ceiling. They were all different and their richness of colors was fascinating. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Ceilings from paradise”

MARRAKESH – Decorative zellidż

Rich riads – a historic one we visited in Marrakesh – are beautifully decorated with wood and zellidż – painted ceramic plates. These plates cover walls, chimneys and floors, including the inner patio. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Decorative zellidż”

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