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MAROCCO – Farewell

I hope that you enjoyed my report from Marocco. It’s time to say good-bye to this mysterious and still so little discovered country. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Farewell”

MAROCCO – Spots of life

Marocco – at least in August – is dry and barren. Poor vegetation congeal in the heat waiting for rain season. The only flowers and fruits can grow when watered by people. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Spots of life”

MAROCCO – Suzanna Clarke about riads

Suzanna Clarke, Australian journalist wrote a cordial book about riad. She bought a declining house in Fez and for a year was transforming it into a masterpiece – fighting with Maroccan bureaucracy, mentality and workers. Continue reading “MAROCCO – Suzanna Clarke about riads”

MARRAKESH – Stillness and muse

Crowds of tourists were passing through riad but I anyway managed to cupture it in stillness and muse. Beauty enchanted in clay that cheered up the living of women for whom such house was often the whole world. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Stillness and muse”

MARRAKESH – Ceilings from paradise

I started to feel the pain in my neck from looking at the ceiling. They were all different and their richness of colors was fascinating. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Ceilings from paradise”

MARRAKESH – Decorative zellidż

Rich riads – a historic one we visited in Marrakesh – are beautifully decorated with wood and zellidż – painted ceramic plates. These plates cover walls, chimneys and floors, including the inner patio. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Decorative zellidż”

MARRAKESH – Maroccan riad

Houses of Maroccan citizens – the richer ones – are called “riad”. In its centre there is a patio, usually with a fountain and at least one tree, surrounded from all four sides with rooms. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Maroccan riad”

MARRAKESH – Secret mixtures

We say farewell to suk in Marrakesh while visiting the “production plant” of cosmetics and spices. A tiny room where walls are covered with jars full of “secret” mixtures. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Secret mixtures”

MARRAKESH – Simple life

Suk in Marrakesh fascinates us also with its everyday living that for us seems to be so exotic. Water drinking facility with a rope and street bar “straight from the table”. Chameleon in cage as a home pet. Continue reading “MARRAKESH – Simple life”

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