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OBRZYCKO – Palace by the river

Just a short stroll away magnificient Warta river meanders in the valley. Continue reading “OBRZYCKO – Palace by the river”

BARANÓW – Old days splendor

There are just a few halls that can be visited inside the palace. Continue reading “BARANÓW – Old days splendor”

CFFC – Brick crosses

I’m deeply in love with old German architecture made of red bricks. Continue reading “CFFC – Brick crosses”

BARANÓW – Dragons and monsters

The greatest impression makes the patio with many decorations on the walls. Continue reading “BARANÓW – Dragons and monsters”

BARANÓW – Royal residence

This renaissance palace was built in XVI century by known family of Baranowscy. Continue reading “BARANÓW – Royal residence”

KRZYŻTOPÓR – Healthy water

I wonder why the palace has not yet been turned into a romantic SPA… Continue reading “KRZYŻTOPÓR – Healthy water”

KRZYŻTOPÓR – Symbols and legends

Would you fear a White Lady appearing suddenly in front of you? Continue reading “KRZYŻTOPÓR – Symbols and legends”

KRZYŻTOPÓR – Fallen beauty

This huge palace was fully used for only 11 years. Continue reading “KRZYŻTOPÓR – Fallen beauty”

CFFC – Disney’s palace

Only Micky Mouse and Pluto are missing here to change this real scene into a fairy-tale. Continue reading “CFFC – Disney’s palace”

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