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CFFC – Above is only sky

It’s a huge palace – the biggest one in Europe before Versailles in France was constructed. Continue reading “CFFC – Above is only sky”

WPC – Through the hole

We tend to imply that windows open us up to the new worlds. Continue reading “WPC – Through the hole”

WPC – Golden angel …

This little boy’s body is grittering in the sun. Is it painted in gold? Continue reading “WPC – Golden angel …”

CFFC – A jug and a bowl

That’s how the Bathrooms looked like 100-200 years ago. Continue reading “CFFC – A jug and a bowl”

UJAZD – Bishops’ castle

The splendor is still there – but only from outside. Continue reading “UJAZD – Bishops’ castle”

KAMIENIEC – Battles on the walls

Most of the interiors of the palace are completely distroyed. Red bricks are sticking from the walls. Continue reading “KAMIENIEC – Battles on the walls”

KAMIENIEC – Moors’ influence

Do these arches not resemble Moors’ architecture? A breath from Cordoba? Continue reading “KAMIENIEC – Moors’ influence”

KAMIENIEC – A pearl of architecture

Wide steepy stairs used to lead to the palace, through a carefully designed park. Continue reading “KAMIENIEC – A pearl of architecture”

KAMIENIEC – Marianne of Oran

Mariann OraƄska came to Kamieniec in 1838. On the hill over monastery she decided to build an extraordinary palace. Continue reading “KAMIENIEC – Marianne of Oran”

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