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WPC – It will not return

And that is a good news, as we know very well how it can end. Continue reading “WPC – It will not return”

JANOWIEC – Castle in stripes

What draws  my attention from the very beginning were the red and white stripes on the facade. Continue reading “JANOWIEC – Castle in stripes”

CFFC – High over the ground

I guess, many of you know well this type of old architecture. Continue reading “CFFC – High over the ground”

WPC – Minimalistic

I don’t have to say much about this photo. Continue reading “WPC – Minimalistic”

OLKUSZ – Small is beautiful

Very often these are not huge buildings but the tiny details that attract me the most. Continue reading “OLKUSZ – Small is beautiful”

CFFC – Life is hard

These two men with wooden buckets do not seem happy or restful. Continue reading “CFFC – Life is hard”

WPC – I read them all!

He was my first Polish non-fiction writer whom I discovered and have admired till today. Continue reading “WPC – I read them all!”

OLKUSZ – Defensive Tower

It’s incredible how many beautiful places lay just behind the corners. Continue reading “OLKUSZ – Defensive Tower”

CFFC – Are they back?

These dinosaurs looked so real to me that I almost felt scared of them. Continue reading “CFFC – Are they back?”

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