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WPC – Really dead?

This cowboy was laying on the ground for a few minutes and my daughter thought, he was really shot down. Continue reading “WPC – Really dead?”

GLIWICE – Sweet life

This is the name of a coffee house in Gliwice that I visited with my daughter this Easter. Continue reading “GLIWICE – Sweet life”

WPC – Can you really see it?

Do you see a smiling cat on the shadow? Continue reading “WPC – Can you really see it?”

SPRING – Finally here!

I’m so happy to share with you the amazing colours of our spring. Continue reading “SPRING – Finally here!”

CFFC – Into the leaves!

I don’t know any child who would not love this autumn activity. Continue reading “CFFC – Into the leaves!”

WPC – Just a hill

We – bloggers – have shot so far millions of photos with sunrises and sunsets. Continue reading “WPC – Just a hill”

SZYDŁÓW – St. Ladislav Church

On the doorstep at the side I found a key to the secret place … Continue reading “SZYDŁÓW – St. Ladislav Church”

CFFC – In front of God…

… we are always alone. It’s our private conversation with a Power that is beyond our understanding. Continue reading “CFFC – In front of God…”

WPC – On the road

Being in motion, hitting the road again, starting a new adventure – this is my favorite state of mind. Continue reading “WPC – On the road”

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