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CFFC – Three women

Sitting over the wooden bar high above, they keep guard over the house. Continue reading “CFFC – Three women”

WPC – Like a picture

A piece of post-German architecture of my hometown Gliwice. Continue reading “WPC – Like a picture”

CFFC – Icy decorations

Nature is the most talented painter and sculpturer in th world. Continue reading “CFFC – Icy decorations”

CFFC – Sleeping beauty

This lion sleeps since the end of XIX century when it was casted in Silesian foundry. Continue reading “CFFC – Sleeping beauty”

WPC – Mirrored

The greatest beauty of our Earth lays in its diversity. Continue reading “WPC – Mirrored”

CFFC – Gladiator

Do you remember the initial scene of famous “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott? Continue reading “CFFC – Gladiator”

CHĘCINY – Church and market

At the foot of the castle lays the church of St. Bartholomew. Continue reading “CHĘCINY – Church and market”

CFFC – Fire on her head :)

This might not be exactly what you – Cee – meant by summer fire, but … Continue reading “CFFC – Fire on her head :)”

CHĘCINY – Walking paths

There are two ways to get to the castle, both on foot 🙂 Continue reading “CHĘCINY – Walking paths”

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