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SLOVENIA – Charming little Laško

When in Laško you really shall have a short walk along the old city. Continue reading “SLOVENIA – Charming little Laško”

SLOVENIA – Try Laško beer!

This beer is produced in Laško but you can drink it all over Slovenia. And it’s pretty good. Continue reading “SLOVENIA – Try Laško beer!”

Carthusians – Kartuzi

Nowedays there are 380 Carthusians monks and nuns in the world living in 22 houses: 17 are for men and 5 for women. Most of them are located in France (5) and Spain (4), but there are also 2 of them in South Korea (this is a “new generation” of monks). Continue reading “Carthusians – Kartuzi”

Cloister in Žice – Klasztor w Žice

The heart of monstery consists of romanesque church of St. John the Baptist or – in fact – the romantic ruins of it. Roof collapsed completely, decorations of the interiors vanished. Continue reading “Cloister in Žice – Klasztor w Žice”

Silence and prayers – Cisza i modlitwa

It’s still dark. In the chilly morning white hooted men gather in the corridors and walk slowly to the soaring cathedral. Piercing silence is disturbed only by the rustle of monk’s frocks and the wispers: “Memento mori” – “Remember that you’ll die”. Continue reading “Silence and prayers – Cisza i modlitwa”

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