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Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC – Round and round

She was turning endlessly like a professional adult dancer. Continue reading “WPC – Round and round”

WPC – A pattern

Tell me your guess – what is it? Continue reading “WPC – A pattern”

WPC – My homeland

I’ve lived here for almost 50 years now and I will never leave it for good. Continue reading “WPC – My homeland”

WPC – It will not return

And that is a good news, as we know very well how it can end. Continue reading “WPC – It will not return”

WPC – Minimalistic

I don’t have to say much about this photo. Continue reading “WPC – Minimalistic”

WPC – I read them all!

He was my first Polish non-fiction writer whom I discovered and have admired till today. Continue reading “WPC – I read them all!”

WPC – Really dead?

This cowboy was laying on the ground for a few minutes and my daughter thought, he was really shot down. Continue reading “WPC – Really dead?”

WPC – Can you really see it?

Do you see a smiling cat on the shadow? Continue reading “WPC – Can you really see it?”

WPC – Just a hill

We – bloggers – have shot so far millions of photos with sunrises and sunsets. Continue reading “WPC – Just a hill”

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