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Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC – On the road

Being in motion, hitting the road again, starting a new adventure – this is my favorite state of mind. Continue reading “WPC – On the road”

WPC – I’d rather be …

… in the hottest place in America – the Death Valley in California. Continue reading “WPC – I’d rather be …”

WPC – What drawing can tell

Each drawing is a full story in itself. It takes minutes to spot all the details. Continue reading “WPC – What drawing can tell”

WPC – A view from oil field

It’s dark, sad and bare there. No vegetation, not a single tree. Continue reading “WPC – A view from oil field”

WPC – Brown sweety

Even in reality I would like to hug this little fur animal. Continue reading “WPC – Brown sweety”

WPC – Where I belong to

I’ve spent all my life in one town and the same house. Continue reading “WPC – Where I belong to”

WPC – Greatest love

Not many of us would deny this statement: the most beloved are our children. Continue reading “WPC – Greatest love”

WPC – Multi-colour town

These are all houses but their shapes and colours seem to vary endlessly. Continue reading “WPC – Multi-colour town”

WPC – At dawn

Wrapped in an early morning freeze, the sun starts to ascend. Continue reading “WPC – At dawn”

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