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WPC – Forest of flowers

Have we landed in the middle of gigants’ world? Continue reading “WPC – Forest of flowers”

WPC – Bundle of … baloons

If you give it a full bundle, your little child would be in heaven! Continue reading “WPC – Bundle of … baloons”

WPC – Through the hole

We tend to imply that windows open us up to the new worlds. Continue reading “WPC – Through the hole”

WPC – Gold against grey

You have literally only a few seconds to catch this nature phenomenon. Continue reading “WPC – Gold against grey”

WPC – Waiting for a flower

Will you give me one daisy? Continue reading “WPC – Waiting for a flower”

WPC – Golden angel …

This little boy’s body is grittering in the sun. Is it painted in gold? Continue reading “WPC – Golden angel …”

WPC – Dining Corner on Move

With such a device you are not glued to one place for having your meals. Continue reading “WPC – Dining Corner on Move”

WPC – Unusual size

I hope, you know what it’s. Oh yea, it is a lock 🙂 Continue reading “WPC – Unusual size”

WPC – Telling the story

Although sometimes I got lost what it’s all about … Continue reading “WPC – Telling the story”

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