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CFFC – Giraffes in red

Shooting fast moving animals in aquariums is really a big challenge. Continue reading “CFFC – Giraffes in red”

CFFC – Private Home Train

I bet, you’ve never thought about a train as a home device… Continue reading “CFFC – Private Home Train”

CFFC – Kissing

Beautiful scene – two seals kissing each other. Is it really so? Continue reading “CFFC – Kissing”

WPC – Tongue of a giraffe

It can be even half of a meter long! So it helps the giraffe to reach the highest leaf on a tree. Continue reading “WPC – Tongue of a giraffe”

WROCŁAW – Christmas market

I suppose, many of you know this Christmas idea: a lot of lights, colours, sounds and tastes. Continue reading “WROCŁAW – Christmas market”

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