Summer holidays are too short to visit all of them.

There are wide sandy beaches and tiny bays squeezed between high rocks. The whole coast of Zakynthos is covered with them. I managed to see only a few.

Xigia Beach

First watch the movie from above:

Before you dive in, take off your silver jewelery as the water is full of hydrogen sulfide. And watch out little fish that will bite you from time to time. However your skin would become as young as of the teenager.

Banana Beach

It’s long, wide and sandy. Perfect for children who love to build castles all day long. I visited it in the morning. It was still empty and silent. And let it stay this way in my mind…

Unknown Beach

I arrived there on late afternoon when light underlined blues and greens of the water. Such a relaxing place, isn’t it?

Check the slideshow for more photos: