This is the Montenegro’s Horse Bend (similar to the American one). Very picturesque though the path to it is rather challenging.

We left hot Virpazar and dreamlike Skodar Lake and took extreme narrow road around its west coast. Asphalt roomed only one car but we still needed to go along other cars coming from the other direction. Any road in Poland will never be too tiny for me any more!

We reached river’s bend – really cute. But it’s still not This Bend, so we shot a few pictures and headed off. A huge herd of sheep (with not visible master or owner) blocked our way. They went slowly one by one, impassive. 5 minutes went by, then 10. We thought, nothing could be done about it. But suddenly a car from behind us speeded up and – slightly pushing and striking the animals – paved its way through the herd. We did the same. Ufff!

A very famous Stony Bridge stood in front of us. We parked the car and walked out to explore it. We found nothing special. It’s definately over-promoted. Just a bridge made of stones 😉 But there were full-sized buses coming there to see it. I guess, the most thrilling moment of such journey is getting to the bridge itself (it’s so narrow that we stood breathless looking at the driver who tried to mount it).

We took another slim road up and finally got to the true Rijeka Crnojevicka. The spot was not much commercialized so we found just one place from where the view was spectacular. The hills spread on both sides up to the horizon. In between them river meandered and made a big bend just under our feet. We stood there for a long while, dreaming away …

It was a long day and we still had to get to Cetinje, so we drove further. Tomorrow would be our last day in Montenegro (more in my next post).